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Why Mindfulness?

In our increasingly accelerating and complicated world we have long forgotten – or never learned – to stop for a moment, however short, to observe and reflect. Rushing from one moment to the next, it is often impossible to pay attention to the warning signals of mind and body. In big cities like Berlin it can be difficult to live mindfully. Mindfulness and MBSR are strong allies when it comes to noticing own boundaries and areas of necessary change in our daily life and environment. Mindfulness practice is therefore beneficial for stress management. Observing thoughts, feelings and body sensations allows insight which would otherwise remain obscured in the daily hassle, which then opens up a great potential of opportunities. All of this can be learned in an MBSR course – also in the hustle and bustle of Berlin and of course in English.

My History with Mindfulness and MBSR

Learning mindfulness had a great impact on my own life. Up until then I spent most of my days in a state of constant ignorance of most of my feelings and thoughts. I would notice that I was somewhat unhappy and tormented, but had no clear idea about why that might be the case. After learning mindfulness in a MBSR course in Berlin, I started recognising and paying closer attention to what was going on inside me – at work, at home, while talking to family and friends. Some of the things I discovered were truly baffling. They had been simmering underneath the surface my entire life, without my realisation. Mindfulness gave me the tools to learn a great deal about what was going on and make changes where necessary. I would therefore like to pass the knowledge on.

Why are you teaching MBSR in Berlin in English?

Having worked in a multinational company for many years myself, I know how difficult it can be for people, who are either native English, or speak English better than German, to find services around stress management and mental health while living in Germany. While Berlin is multinational, there are not nearly enough MBSR courses offered in English. At least in my opinion. This is why I started teaching meditation and MBSR in Berlin in English. This way expats and other internationals can learn MBSR in English in person, rather than through an online training.

Be Mindful

It should be noted though that mindfulness has to be learned, practiced and cultivated. It is unfortunately not a quick fix that yields results the very next day. In our on-demand and next-day-delivery world it is easy to forget that some things take time and energy. Practice makes perfect after all. ūüėČ

I hope I could raise your interest and will be able to meet you soon in the online meditation practice or in person in a MBSR course in Berlin.

You would like to know more about me first? You can read here more about me.

Would you like to contact me? Please email me at angelina[at]mind-and-heart.com.

MBSR Course in Berlin in English

MBSR stands for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and was created by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. The eight week course includes 8 weekly meetings of 2.5 hours and a Day of Mindfulness (whole day on a weekend). The participant learns and practices the principles of mindfulness meditation. After completing the course, the participant can practice mindfulness independently and further develop the learned skills on meditation retreats or in meditation groups.

Please contact me under angelina[at]mind-and-heart.com if you are interested and we can schedule the pre-course interview. The interview is an opportunity for both parties to get to know each other and to check wether a MBSR course is the right thing for you in your current life situation.

If you are currently in an acute life crisis, participating in a MBSR course might be too strenuous.

You can find the dates for the next courses here.

Mindfulness for Kids in Berlin

In my opinion mindfulness practice should start as soon as possible. I wish I would have learned it as a child. Because of this I am a Happy Panda trainer and would love to come to your school or Kita in Berlin as well as the surrounding area. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested! (The linked website is only in German as I am currently the only one offering this training in English.)

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