About Me

There is nothing permanent except change.


… and change does not have to be a bad thing.

I was born in Kasachstan and grew up in Bavaria. After studying engineering at TU Dresden in Saxony, I moved to Berlin in 2014 to work as an aerospace engineer. In addition to my technical tasks I was active within my team and department around mental health and work-life-balance. I facilitated trainings on Nonviolent Communication (by Marshall Rosenberg) and Stress Resilience.

I became increasingly aware that I could function perfectly well without being particularly happy. Intensive work on myself showed me that functioning, and the resulting striving for perfection, was an attempt to adapt to the shadow cast by my childhood. I wanted to live rather than just exist, and started searching for ways towards a sustainable positive change. I supplemented my personal knowledge and experience through professional training.

After taking a long, hard look at my life during the Covid-pandemic, I decided at the beginning of 2021 to change careers and work full-time with people, rather than on the side. Since then I am freelancing as a mindfulness teacher. This work inspired the wish to work therapeutically. I received my certificate as MBSR-teacher from the Institute of Mindfulness in June 2022 and the permission to practice therapy (Heilerlaubnis) by the health office of Berlin-Lichtenberg in May 2023 after training as a psychotherapist (non-medical practitioner) at Paracelsus school. I am currently training as a Systemic Therapist and Systemic Trauma Therapist at the Institute for Systemic Therapy (IST) in Berlin. Since January 2023 I am providing guidance and psychological support to currently unemployed people during AVGS-Coachings through a certified institution.

Professional Development

Continuous further training and supervision ensure the quality of my work.

Professional Experience